F_PODCAST intersectional spaces in practice

F_PODCAST intersectional spaces in practice

radio activism and cyberfeminism with Diana McCarty [en]

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Diana McCarty is a media producer and feminist media activist. She is founding editor of Reboot.fm and co-founder of the FACES online community for women among other initiatives. We visited her at Reboot.fm studio in ACUD and talked about cyberfeminism, the movie Born in Flames, radio as a feminist space, and a lot more.


ACUD www.acud.de

Reboot.fm founders: Diana McCarty, Pit Schulz, Guido Plonski and Noémie Cayron

Book: Mark Wigley - „Buckminster Fuller Inc.: Architecture in the Age of Radio“

Documenta 10 Hybrid Workspace www.xplicit.de/dokumenta-x www.bootlab.org/

Natascha Sadr Haghighian www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natascha_Sadr_Haghighian

Kanak attak www.kanak-attak.de

Bar Café Ich Orya www.ichorya.de

Orient Taxi - Berlin www.reboot.fm/2020/03/08/yayin-baligi-31

Steve Morell - The Zero Hour Show on reboot.fm

DJ Officer, Officer

The Voices www.reboot.fm/category/magazin-talk/the-voices

Talking Feminisms www.reboot.fm/category/magazin-talk/talking-feminisms

Make Capitalism History www.reboot.fm/category/magazin-talk/make-capitalism-history-magazin

The toten Crackhuren im Kofferraum www.thetotencrackhurenimkofferraum.de

Movie: Born in Flames - Lizzie Borden, 1983

Kotti.fm www.reboot.fm/projects/kottifm www.reboot.fm/category/magazin-talk/kotti-shop-on-air

Interflugs www.interflugs.de/de

We are born free www.wer.oplatz.net www.reboot.fm/category/past-shows/wearebornfree-empowerment-radio

Kotti & co. www.kottiundco.net

FACES mailing list www.faces-l.net

Prof. Heidi Schelhowe www.dimeb.informatik.uni-bremen.de/index.php?id=68

Prof. Wendy Chun www.sfu.ca/digital-democracies/people/Wendychun.html

Spaces of M.U.D.S. and M.O.O.S. www.units.miamioh.edu/psybersite/cyberspace/addiction/muds.shtml

VNS Matrix www.vnsmatrix.net/projects/the-cyberfeminist-manifesto-for-the-21st-century

Text: Donna Haraway - The Cyborg Manifesto, 1985 www.warwick.ac.uk/fac/arts/english/currentstudents/undergraduate/modules/fictionnownarrativemediaandtheoryinthe21stcentury/manifestly_haraway_----_a_cyborg_manifesto_science_technology_and_socialist-feminism_in_the_….pdf

Old boy network www.obn.org/inhalt_index.html

Cornelia Sollfrank www.artwarez.org/
Florian Cramer interviews Cornelia Sollfrank www.rhizome.org/editorial/2011/apr/28/rhizome-archives-hacking-art-os-interview-cornelia/

Shu Lea Cheang www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shu_Lea_Cheang

Nettime mailing list www.nettime.org

Book: Virginia Wolf - A Room’s One’s Own, 1929

Cashmere Radio www.cashmereradio.com

Savvy Funk www.documenta14.de/de/public-radio/13778/savvy-funk

BLN.FM www.bln.fm

Mobile Radio www.mobile-radio.net


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About this podcast

F_PODCAST talks about architecture, feminisms, intersectionality. We visit non-conforming spatial practitioners–architects and artists–who are exploring spatial methods to create more equitable spaces. In their workplaces we talk about their ways of working, we learn about individual backgrounds, about networks and strategies. Let's discuss whether these positions can help us to bring the diversity we see on the streets into architectural institutions and planning offices. Visit us on ______ fem-arc.net _____ F_PODCAST schafft Raum, um Architektur, Feminismus, Intersektionalität zu diskutieren. Wir besuchen unangepasste Architekt*innen und Künstler*innen, die mit ihren Arbeitsweisen und -methoden das Vokabular der Raumproduktion erweitern, um gerechtere Räume zu erzeugen. An ihren Arbeitsplätzen sprechen wir über Methoden der Raumschaffung, über individuelle Lebensläufe, Netzwerke und Strategien. Lasst uns darüber diskutieren, ob diese Positionen uns helfen können, die Diversität, die wir auf den Straßen sehen, in Architekturinstitutionen und Planungsbüros zu bringen. Besucht unsere Website für mehr infos.

by fem_arc


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